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What is Healthpark ?

It is a park that consists of 20 highly selected private leasable clinics designed in a circular layout with a glass structure façade and has a private access and view to the landscaped garden natural light access to nature and community feel that promotes a healthier lifestyle. Khaled Abdulla Yousef states that “Research has shown that care environments directly affect patient outcomes. This means that improving quality of care extends to enhancing the quality of patients’ experiences as well”.

The evidence based design concept of Healthpark recognizes the key elements to a successful health care facility. The modular approach in the design will provide the tenant the flexibility to customize their own layout plan to ensure innovation collaboration and value engineering are achieved for the best value of the project. In addition each clinic will have its own private entrance parking spaces and signage with an access to medical healthcare facilities such as diagnostic center laboratories medical fitness and rehabilitation center medical retail units café and restaurants.

KAY Invest as the developer of Healthpark assures the tenants that this project will uphold the highest quality of construction standard maintains the sustainability of facility management during lease period ensure an optical tenant mix to improve the traffic flow of visitors of the park to justify the commercial investment of the tenant.

Total Management the leasing arm of KAY Invest proudly announces that with the introduction of Healthpark concept it has already confirmed reservations by interested physicians to serve as anchor tenants and started the booking for the remaining limited units of the Healthpark.